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    LiFe Is A Mystery

    1- what is the life ?
    2- who operate it ?
    3- where it begins ?
    4- when it ends ?
    So here is four questions about life . Every person want to know the answer of all above question but they couldn't find.
    Life is a mystery.....it depend on us...? What we want from our life and what we got from life.
    Every person have a different life and also different ways to seen a life . No one knows about the who operate our life .
    When a child get birth he doesn't know about his life . As like when he grown up he laugh , weep , love , pain , happiness ,sorrows gets from people who loved him very most .when child also grown at  age of teenage he fall for a girl....he loved her very most . He is not understanding what happened to him.....he was thinking  at this age that "this is life ". Bt  in really he doesn't know what happened. When he grown to a mature age when responsibility comes to his own shoulder and he suffering from sorrows , pain , and then he want happiness in his life. Bt he couldn't find nd nor he understand what happened to his life.
    Shortly he reached at the age of die Bt he didn't find the reason of life .he was suffering from sorrows , pain in his life Bt couldn't find happiness .at last he died  without a reason that why he came in the world and what he do in his entire life.